Heal. Grow. Flourish. 

Dr. Alicia Spalding is a Naturopathic Physician and President of Nature Nurture Farmacy, a nonprofit society with mission to engage community through health education, herbal medicine and mindfulness practices. Naturopathic visits are designed with ample time to address all needs of individual health. Patients can be seen in the comfort of their home or at Dr. Alicia’s botanical medicine farm located in rural Lewis County.

Dr. Alicia’s medicinal farm is a welcome and serene haven surrounded by elder maples, pines and medicinal herbs Dr. Alicia grows locally, with organic methods and the permaculture philosophy as a backbone. Dr. Alicia sources many herbs grown on the farm into powerful healing remedies for her patients.

Health and happiness are more than a clean diet and exercise. Let Dr. Alicia guide your body, mind, and soul to optimum health! 

Invest in your health, you’re worth it.

Call to book your appointment 360.880.6923.


Dr. Alicia specializes in Women's Health with a focus on incorporating hydrotherapy and botanical medicine as a part of every day life. Dr. Alicia guides people through healthy living as a lifestyle which in turn helps people heal from or manage chronic health conditions in a balanced life.    



Wildcrafting is a passion of Dr. Alicia's. Pictured here is one of her dogs, Trapper Keeper, who accompanies Dr. Alicia while she works around the farm.